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Introduction of ANS Vietnam
For more than 10 years, ANS Vietnam has been expanding and standing for innovation and quality. The name ANS  has been  well-known recognized as leading company not only in field of supplying industrial automation spare parts and products, electric equipment in Vietnam but also in consulting customers in various industries the completed industrial automation solutions to maximize and optimize the effectiveness & efficiency of production lines.
ANS Vietnam is a unique organization of individuals linked by the pursuit of EXCELLENCE in sales, distribution and services. Besides enthusiastic, energetic staffs with qualification and experience, we still focus to train our team specialized technical knowledge on products and applications, communication, sales and management skills. 
We commit to recognize & meet ALL demand of customers, to provide customer with high-quality products at comparable price. In addition, we have worldwide courier  weekly shipment to help save cost. With special support from partner and manufactures, our customer will be best served and supported.
Major fields served by ANS Vietnam including Power Generating Plant, Steel, Cement, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Glass, Food and Beverage, Port& Cranes, Packing, etc . ANS Vietnam will continue its efforts to make its supplied products integral parts of development plans of its customers. 
In 2011, ANS Vietnam becomes a Group consisting of four brands with more than 100 staffs, 45 of which are Sale Engineers. The average sale turnover over past years is about 40% per year. We desire for expanding up to 200 staffs and sales turnover of 60% per year in 2014.
Vision statement 
Being the leading and innovative distributor of industrial automation spare parts and equipment in the eyes of customers, partners, its staff and community
Mission and commitment
 Recognizing and responding to all customers needs, providing quality and origin products to meets those needs, proving premier customer services through our sub distributors nationwide.
 Committing to invest in research and development to update and consult customers new technology,  news products and its application in automation field to optimize production efficiency 
 Building, developing and maintaining a strong and lasting business relationship with partners and manufactures to ensure the mutual benefits and best support for customers.
 Being grateful to customers, partners and its staff, regarding customer, partner and its staff as our valuable assets of our company. ANS Vietnam commits to pursuit Prestige and regard Business Ethics as key guideline for ALL our activities.